Our violin making process has taken significant leaps forward over the last few years. We bring the benefits of plate tuning and plate matching to the production environment, giving you instruments that are rich in tone and beautiful to look at.


MSRP: $559 - $1635


MSRP: $1290 - $1635



From Stradivari to Tertis, we offer a broad selection of sizes and tonal flavors for the discerning violist.

Widebody 1000

MSRP: $3060

Shen 16 1/2"

MSRP: $645 - $1890


MSRP: $645 - $1890



Our cellos are based on Gofriller and Stradivari patterns, in varying levels from student to professional. We have also introduced a small pattern Gofriller in seven eights size.

Fully Carved


MSRP: $1995 - $4110


MSRP: $1995 - $4110

Stradivari Willow

MSRP: $1890

Gofriller 7/8

MSRP: $1995 - $4110

Hybrids and Laminates

Strad Hybrid 180

MSRP: $1800

Strad Hybrid 150

MSRP: $1530

Strad Laminated 100

MSRP: $1335

Strad Laminated 88

MSRP: $1275

Strad Laminated 80

MSRP: $1185



Fully Carved Maple Basses


MSRP: $8087 - $10300


MSRP: $6700 - $9050


MSRP: $7775 - $8350

Shen Classic 3/4

MSRP: $6700 - $9050

Shen 5/8

MSRP: $6037 - $7025

Fully Carved Willow Basses

Rogeri Willow

MSRP: $7612

Shen Willow 3/4

MSRP: $5512

Gemunder 7/8 Willow

MSRP: $6625

Gemunder 7/8 Willow 5-String

MSRP: $7475


Shen 180 Flamed Hybrid

MSRP: $4270

Shen 150 Hybrid

MSRP: $3600

Gemunder 150 7/8 Hybrid

MSRP: $4175


Shen 100 Laminated

MSRP: $2750

Shen 90 Blonde

MSRP: $2250

Shen 88 Laminated

MSRP: $2188

Shen 80 Laminated

MSRP: $2038



The following accessories are available to our dealers only. The few that are marked as OEM can be ordered in quantities of one per instrument.

Otto Bass Bridge Adjusters
  • Large ebony wheel with thumb divots
  • Fine cut 1/4-20 threads
  • Installation available
  • Made to match the threads of Fishman Full Circle pickups.
CSC Aluminum Bridge Adjusters
  • Large anodized aluminum wheel with a knurled edge
  • Single point ultra-smooth 1/4-20 thread cut.
  • Installation available
  • Made to match the threads of Fishman Full Circle pickups.
OEM Strings

We carry numerous string models by D'Addario, Thomastik-Infeld, Super-Sensitive and Pirastro on an OEM basis. We are allowed to sell one set per instrument with your Shen order.

Bobelock Bass Bags

Bobelock continues to be the best value among cases for the professional bassist. We carry them in 3/4 and 7/8 sizes.

Fishman Full Circle Bass Pickup

The Full Circle is the most popular pickup on the market, and swaps cleanly with our bridge adjusters.
Sold on an OEM basis, one pickup per Shen bass ordered.

Wittner Fine Tune Pegs

Wittner's Finetune pegs are a real lifesaver for school and rental programs. They reduce time spent in the classroom tuning, which allows teachers to spend more time on the music. They also reduce the repair time spent on the instrument.